Patient Testimonials
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Patient Testimonials

What makes a healing experience? — our patients speak for themselves

"I love the decor, the ambience, the care-giving approach one gets here."

"I can’t believe I’m saying this BUT I actually enjoy coming to this office, and I absolutely LOVE my doctor and my twins’ pediatrician."

"This office is very relaxing. The air seems cleaner in here. The staff is also very courteous. It sets the mood for relaxation and comfort."

"Coming here is one of the nicest things I’ve done for myself. I don’t feel like a number. I’m treated as an individual with specific circumstances — pleasant people, calming environment. Outstanding!"

"This is my third visit here and the peacefulness/serenity that is evoked is wonderful. Not usual upon awaiting a doctor’s appointment — it becomes an internal healing… thank-you."

"I feel good in this space. It is heavenly, calm and serene. Healing is possible here, the air has only a positive feeling."

"Here I am — a half hour after my acupuncture treatment — and not eager to leave this very revivifying office! I hope you will continue to be able to keep the welcoming, relaxed feeling in your office. It’s as important to me — or almost as important — as the excellent people — doctors, chiropractors, nurses — here to treat one."

About Our Resource Library

"The library and its eclectic books bring hope to those of us having pain. As a psychotherapist, I believe that the spiritual is often left out of our work — I’m glad to see it’s not left out of yours."

"Very relaxing, lots of wonderful information — truly enjoyable!"

"Not only a calming atmosphere but one where patients can openly explore health practices and theories. As valuable for its symbolism as it is for the information it provides."

"What a wonderful place to relax in the center of the business district. I enjoy the interesting articles you have here."

"The Resource Library Center is a welcoming center for those who make use of it. It is very informative, inspirational and relaxing. Thank you for the use of this center while we wait."

"It is extremely helpful to have access to these resources — meets my needs for support and learning. Thank you!"

"Thanks a million for your library — it’s so helpful — more than you can ever imagine — it’s unexplainable."

"Thanks for providing the library and computer. It really makes for a more pleasant wait. I should arrive for appointments way early from now on!"